13 August 2014

Waking Up to Dystopian Inequalities

In blockbuster drama, our dystopian future is full of cataclysmic horrors and explosions. But what is horrifying is that behind the scene, without a sound, the absolute rule of corporate superpowers is virtually upon us. The chasm between those who can dictate terms to everyone else and the rest of us is so vast that many have given up hope of ever closing it. Yet that is precisely why we must sound the alarm in ever more distinct ways to capture public attention.

Kuan’s Wonderland uses allegory and sci-fi to show up the kind of life people have to endure when inequalities tear the fabric of mutual respect to shreds.

According to Kate Pickett (Director, Equality Trust, & co-author of The Spirit Level: why more equal societies almost always do better), “Kuan’s Wonderland is a didactic novel that doesn’t hesitate to entertain the reader. It shows that political theorists can engage a wider public with an imaginative medium such as popular fiction without losing intellectual force. The Equality Trust welcomes this opportunity to work with Henry Tam with the publication of the learning resource for his novel as part of our Young Person’s Guide to Inequality.”

To find out more about why Kuan’s Wonderland is recommended reading to get people thinking anew about what inequalities can do – click here.