05 August 2014

Readers’ Feedback: Whitehall through the Looking Glass

The following extracts are taken from Customer Reviews posted on the ‘Whitehall through the Looking Glass’ page on Amazon:

Great fun for politicos and sci-fi fans
“I was sufficiently enthralled by Whitehall through the Looking Glass that I read it cover to cover (pixel to pixel, perhaps) in a single day - ironically, a day off on a business trip to the former people's paradise of Sweden. What a lot of fun. Science fiction in something of the style of the early Asimov, combined with a biting satire on neoliberal trends in the post Cold War West. Much of this fiction (sadly the politics as much as the technology) is likely to become fact sooner than we imagine.”
By ‘Con Grano Salis’ (5 out of 5)

Amusing yet very disturbing sci fiction
“A disturbing story depicting the state of our world in the not so distant future - a plethora of political characters many with extreme and selfish views. The poor getting poorer; the rich horrifyingly rich and powerful, - the painting of a desperate world on the edge of extinction. But regardless of all this I found myself chuckling at the book's events and people - people, who rang a bell somewhere in the back of my mind - people one had read about or personally come across in work situations - how horribly familiar it all seemed!!! A fascinating read.”
By ‘G. Samuel’ (4 out of 5)

A masterpiece! Best book of the century so far!
Whitehall Through the Looking Glass is a political sci-fi thriller with a fantastic storyline. It is a real page turner! Tam writes with both intelligence and wit, engaging the reader, and forcing them to look past the minutiae of life and into the very mechanisms that control our everyday existence. It is one of those rare novels that has the power to change the way you think, and I would be very surprised if it doesn't win many awards! Thoroughly recommended!”
By ‘Caroline’ (5 out of 5)

A page-turner with purpose
“Henry Tam has done something that's very hard to pull-off. He's written a real page-turner, a novel that is easy to read and full of invention, twists and unexpected turns. But he's also provided an insight into modern government - the craziness of a civil service which is committed to serving the public, but which simply serves the interests of the powerful. Although the novel is set in the future it can be read as a very exact account of how power really works in modern Britain.”
By ‘Dr. J. Duffy’ (5 out of 5)

Cracking good read
‘Cracking good read’ 5 Stars (28 April 2014) By YakinaMac
“Full of Machiavellian characters and dark humour, with a great twist in the tail. Anyone who's worked in Whitehall will find much to smile at in this sharply observed novel.”
By ‘YakinaMac’ (5 out of 5)

Too True
“A deliciously funny book which moves at great speed as the government promotes privatisation and begins to hand over to the all-powerful Consortium. Once you’ve read this, you will listen to the news with fear as you hear echoes of the early moves of the Consortium and how they are preparing to get control of the UK now. As only an ex-insider could do, it exposes with merciless humour the vanity and ambition of the top politicians and their civil servants. It shows just how high they have to jump to please and the terrifying world that emerges, with a disappearing state, no longer willing to provide protection against poverty and vulnerability. All of this against a backdrop where privatisation becomes complete and control of the people is almost successful. With an Orwellian touch, it is full of vision for what can happen if we stop caring about how to share power fairly. This is a call to action to reclaim a fair and positive government of those who still care and take it from those who don't.”
By ‘freedom22’ (5 out of 5)

Disturbingly brilliant
“A great read - engaging characters written by someone who's obviously had first hand experience of the political world. Definitely didn't see the final twist coming!”
By ‘pageturner’ (5 out of 5)