22 December 2014

Winter's Tale with a Sting

“Out of the grey condensed sky, snowflakes fell. Like paratroopers dropped by mistake behind enemy lines, they drifted silently to the ground. Motionless they lay, waiting for an instruction that never came. More would arrive and the layer of pristine paralysis thickened. In Kuan’s world, every snowflake was different. In Shiyan, they were all identical, each one possessing the same solitary beauty as the holographic image projected in the virtual altar inside the House of Ou-Yang.”

In Kuan’s Wonderland, the arrival of winter brought our protagonist ever closer to the moment of truth, when he finally realised what those with power in Shiyan were planning all along.

In our own world, there is a similarly pervasive sense of naivety. People assume that there is nothing much to choose between politicians, when in fact the diverse agendas on offer could mean life and death differences for countless citizens. Perhaps an allegorical tale set in a strange realm may help trigger alarm bells that would otherwise remain silent.

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