28 June 2012

The names of the crew

Long before I wrote Kuan's Wonderland I penned a short story for younger readers about a mouse captured by a submarine controlled by cats. The key members of this crew were Captain Ted Niu, Professor Tate Foss, and Doctor Eric Maa. The rather obvious allegory in that tale became a more complex reflection on power.

Oran Clinic

I took the name 'Oran' from the place where Camus' The Plague took place. Against evil one has to make a choice, to succumb or fight resolutely. It is not an easy choice. But literature exercises the heart and mind. The Oran Clinic is a tribute to Camus' moral stance and what we should learn from it.

Shiyan: the Experiment

'Shiyan' means 'Experiment' in Chinese. It represents an experiment in how society is organised in accordance with the Chairman's wishes. It is also an experiment for Kuan to see if he can regain that which had slipped away from him.