28 July 2012

New Review of Kuan just out

Kuan's Wonderland has just been reviewed by Trish Burns in Fantasy Book Review. Positive, insightful, and no hint of a spoiler on the numerous plot-twists. Here's an extract from the review: "The story is original and very engaging. The fast-moving adventure in a new world, which sparkles with visually captivating creatures and imaginative technology, has already begun by the first line. He faces many challenges of which the main one is to hold onto his independent view and his compassion for those affected by the actions of others. The search for his father, his mainstay throughout the story, ends in a way which is credible yet astonishing. The book does not pull its punches about the way in which people (and aliens) treat each other. In engaging with real-world troubles which don’t have tidy solutions, it offers more than we normally expect from the fantasy genre." Read the full review here: http://www.fantasybookreview.co.uk/book-reviews/kuans-wonderland-by-henry-tam/

15 July 2012

Hope or Surrender

To live in hope for something better or to surrender in stoic resignation - that is often presented as the choice those in extremely trying circumstances have to make. But what Kuan's experiences show is that sometimes the only hope may involve giving up a most important part of one's life. The catch is that you do not surrender the wrong part. The choice is not easy, and the most difficult element is to realise what sacrifice the choice will inevitably involve.

01 July 2012

What's in a Genre?

In a novel where nothing is as it seems, the very genre it appears to adopt needs to be questioned. Many readers of Kuan's Wonderland have remarked that although it uses fantasy/sci-fi elements in its narrative, it stands apart from those genres in being an allegorical novel about the world as it is. That is what they have found that subversive nature most appealing. So regardless of whether you are normally keen on tales that venture into surreal circumstances, imbibe the fable.