23 July 2014

The Future is Bleak, & it's Here

The latest novel in the Synetopia Quest series, 'Whitehall through the Looking Glass', has been widely acclaimed on its publication. Here is an extract from the review by Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform:

"Henry Tam has done something very difficult and done it very well. He has managed to write an enjoyable page-turner and to provide a clear-headed critique of politics in modern Britain. His book describes how the British Government continues on its current journey to a system where the interests of the powerful, the rich and the corporate have taken complete control of all political life."

Read the full review here.

22 July 2014

Lifelong Learning for Lifelong Resistance to Injustice

The event with WEA in June (2014) went very well and showed us all how dystopian fiction can be a powerful vehicle to stimulate group discussions about the problems of inequality and exploitation. I look forward to working with colleagues at WEA and other learning organisations to promote reading circles and discussion forums with the help of Kuan's Wonderland and Whitehall through the Looking Glass. Next up, a talk with sixth-formers and later on, a session at U3A with retirees. It really is a way to engage with people of all ages about the challenges of social injustice.

For more about the ongoing collaboration with WEA, see:
'A Novel Exploration of Inequality'